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Barrie Mens teams 18+ practices are Tuesday and Thursday evenings 6pm - 8pm at the Barrie Sports Complex - Jim Hamilton Memorial Field. Preseason is posted on the calendar and facebook page.
Games are Saturday afternoons at the Barrie Sports Complex, 3rds play at 12pm - 1:30pm, 2nds at 1:30pm - 3pm and firsts at 3:00pm - 4:30pm - Jim Hamilton Memorial Field (travel required for away games).
The Men's seasons run from May to October.

Head Coach: Brandon Kirkwood | mens.coach@barrierugbyclub.com

Senior Mens Team




Players Born Before 1999


New Players Recieve Training Shirt, Rugby Shorts, Socks


Brandon Kirkwood

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The Barrie Rugby Football Club represents the county of Simcoe and surrounding area in the Ontario Rugby Union and competitively fields men, women and youth teams. A legacy that started in 1967 the Barrie RFC has a steep history of fielding competitive sides with minimal numbers. Its players have competed at the national and provincial level while remaining loyal to the club and never failing to remember their kinship with blue stripes.

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